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quinn 500

D1715161     (ADGA Genetics Link)
DOB: 02-14-2015     Red Taupe Buckskin with a Few Moonspots

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn
     SS: Old Mountain Farm Keidan Quinn(2017 ADGA Premiere Sire)
     SD: Painted Pepper RJ Mae Mae

Dam: 2*M  AR SG Old Mountain Farm Ta-Dah VEVE90
     DS: +*B AR Old Mountain Farm Don Juan
     DD: 1*M AR ST Denning Hill Michi Kasu

I have yet to find anything wrong with this buck. He is pretty close to perfect. His dam is one of my favorite does. I had the pleasure of seeing her and milking her while on an internship at Old Mountain Farm. I think that he has a permanent home here. Thank you Cheryle!

Linear Appraisal:

2017 2-04 VEV 88

2018 3-04 VEE 88

 maenar quinn sire of bravo quinn 300h
Sire of Quinn: Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn

ta dah dam of bravo quin 300h
Dam of Quinn: 2*M  AR SG Old Mountain Farm Ta-Dah
Photos above courtesy Wyl Smith

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