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D1715159     (ADGA Genetics Link)
DOB: 02-18-2015     Black and gold, Swiss marked

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk (2018 ADGA Premiere Sire)
     SS: +B SG Old Mountain Farm Stag VEE88
     SD: 2*M AR NC Promisedland Nemesis VEEE90

Dam: Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomn VEEE90
     DS: *B Old Mountain Farm Java Zip
     DD: 1*M AR ST AGS Denning Hill Michi Kasu

Very pleased with this buck and his offspring. I will quote his breeder when I say that "no buck is permanent except Stag(Bold Hart's Grand Sire)". However in my case it is "Bold Hart". he's not going anywhere. 

Bold Hart is half brother to the 2017 National Champion "Old Mountain Farm Merriment" and to the 2018 Reserve National Champion "Old Mountain Farm Shy Elk" 

Bold Hart is also a 3/4 brother/nephew (if that makes sense) of the 2017 ADGA Spotlight buck kid " Old Mountain Farm Brainstorm" that sold for an astounding $10,400.

His dam is a great milker and so is his paternal grand dam along with his paternal great grand dam. His paternal grand dam(NC Promiseland Nemesis) is probably my favorite doe of all time with his paternal great grand dam(Deldale Fawn) coming in at a close second. Bold Hart also has some absolutley beatiful sisters.I had the pleasure of seeing and milking all of them. I am very pleased with what this buck has added to my herd. Thank you Cheryle!

Linear Appraisal:

2017 2-04 +VV 84

2018 3-04 VEE 89 

Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomn
Dam of Bold Hart: Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomn
Old Mountain Farm RainEDayWomn 
Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk
Sire of Bold Hart: Old Mountain Farm Bold Elk
Photos left and above
courtesty Wyl Smith

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