dots majestic 500
Photo Courtesy Jill Whomble

D1763374     (ADGA Genetics Link)

DOB. 3-25-2015     Cream and White    

Sire: CH Heaven's Hollow Majesty
     SS:  Alexander Farm BW Studlydorite
     SD:  SGCH Wyojem Wendy Kiki (LA 91VEEE)
               2012 Natl Res Best Udder, 2013 Natl GCH

Dam: Simple Pleasures CF Dottytude
     DS: Simple Pleasures DR Camouflage
     DD: SGCH/MCH Simple Pleasures Connectthedot


Simple Pleasures CF Dottytude
Dam of Majestic: Simple Pleasures CF Dottytude
dottytude udder dam of majestic 300h
Heaven's Hollow Majesty
Sire of Majestic: Heaven's Hollow Majesty

Photos left and above
Courtesy Jill Whomble 

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