Onaqui Nigerian Dwarfs reserves the right to retain any animal at any time for any reason.

I do not take deposits and won't until I find it necessary. For the most part animals will be sold on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to be put on a list for certain breedings or you are interested in a certain animal, contact me and I will put you on a list and let you know if something becomes available. Preference will be given to those who participate in DHIA, Linear Appraisal and Showing.

When kids are first born I generally have a pretty good idea who will go and who will stay. After I have made my decisions remaining kids will be put up for sale. Kids that are bought still on a bottle may be sold at a reduced price. I usually try to get rid of kids as quickly as possible to relieve some of the workload but I have no problem refusing to sell to a buyer who I feel wont give them the proper care they need at such a young age. If you are unwilling or cannot afford to pay then you are probably not willing to or cannot afford to feed that animal a healthy diet, provide adequate shelter or veterinary care. Please consider all of these expenses when purchasing any animal.

Since animals that are sold with registration papers represent me and my herd I will be very selective and will only register those who I think will help improve the breed. Animals who aren't worthy to receive registration papers and don't find a suitable pet home will be culled. 

Discounts may be given on multiple purchases. Just ask. Depending on the quality of animals bought, discounts will vary. I will not sell a goat by itself unless you already own another goat for a companion. Goats are herd animals and do best when they have a companion.

Animals and all necessary expenses must be paid for in full before the animal/animals leave my property.

Animals will be healthy and free of any visual defects when they leave my property. I cannot be held responsible for any animal after it leaves my property and I will never replace an animal for free. If a problem does arise I will try and work with and help you to the best of my abilities.

I will not accept any animal back into my herd after it leaves my property for biosecurity purposes.

If you are an out of state buyer and would need animals shipped to you. I will do so out of Salt Lake City International Airport. Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs(crates, health certificates, tests and transportation to airport). I am also willing to work with ground transportation services but the buyer is responsible for finding a transport service and scheduling everything.

Prices generally start at 50$ to 100$ for wethers and 200$ to 500$ for does and bucks but will vary depending on the quality of the parent stock and my evaluation of the kids when they are born. Prices for specific breedings are listed on the kidding schedule. These prices are estimates and may vary depending on the quality of the animals born.

If you have any questions about my Terms of Sale or any of my animals please contact me.

Contact Details:

Jackson Pehrson
P.O. Box 61
Vernon, UT 84080

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