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If you are interested in reserving a kid please contact me after you have reviewed our Terms of Sale. Thank you for your interest in our herd.




"Redstone C Starship Trooper" will be on lease to us for the 2019 Breeding Season


Thank You, Alexis Bachrach at Redstone Dairy Goats!



Nigerian Dwarfs
 # Dam: Sire: Pricing: Notes:
1. Creamery Creek TS SweetNCreamy Redstone C Starship Trooper $1200  
2. Onaqui J French Vanilla Redstone C Starship Trooper $800  
3. Rosasharn PLW Ginger Ale Redstone C Starship Trooper $1000  
4. Onaqui BQ Moonshine Redstone C Starship Trooper $700  
5. Onaqui BQ Sweet Pea Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart $800  
6. Onaqui RF Sabrina Redstone C Starship Trooper  $800  
7. Onaqui BH Bloody Mary Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn $800  
8. Onaqui BH Sweet Elk Redstone C Starship Trooper $800  
9. Onaqui BH Miss Sisso  Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn $700  
10. Onaqui DM Betty White Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn  $800  
11. Onaqui DM Hazelnut Redstone C Starship Trooper $800  
12. Onaqui DM Macchiato Onaqui BH Eat Your Hart Out $700  
13. Onaqui BQ Marasol Quinn  Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn $700  
14. Onaqui BQ Daly Quinn Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart $800  

Onaqui BH Whoopi Goldberg

on lease

 Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn $500  N/A

Onaqui BH Stormy Daniels

on lease

Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn $500  N/A
17. Onaqui BH Kahlua Liqueur Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn $500  
18. Onaqui BQ Pumpkin Spice(FF)  Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart $400  
19. Onaqui RF Carimba Redstone C Starship Trooper $500  
20. Onaqui RF Sweet Daliah Old Mountain Farm Bold Hart $600  
21. Onaqui RF Mai Tai  Redstone C Starship Trooper $500  
22. Onaqui BH Pyeong Chang  Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn $600  
23. Onaqui DH Martha May(FF) Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn $400  
24.  Onaqui BH Brocket Quinn(FF) Onaqui BH Eat Your Hart Out $400  


 Onaqui BH Four Leaf Clover(FF) Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn $400  


 Onaqui JSUN Southern Comfort(FF) Onaqui BH Eat Your Hart Out  $400  
27.  Onaqui BH Equinox(FF) Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn  $400  
28.  Onaqui BQ Barbie Doll(FF) Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn  $400  
 29.  Onaqui JSUN Neau Dice(FF) Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn  $400  
 30. Onaqui GQ Cherry Liqueur(FF) Onaqui BH Eat Your Hart Out  $400  
31. Onaqui BH Espresso (FF) Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn  $400  
 32. Onaqui BLQ Coli Flower Quinn (FF) Onaqui DQ Griffin Quinn  $400  
1. Springwater RHRS Schokolade Milk Soldier-Mtn PVRA Dry Ice  $400  
2. Soldier-Mtn SS Mary Jane Soldier-Mtn PVRA Dry Ice $400  


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